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SeyiEyitayo is the founder of S.E.I Coaching International, the leading expert on Sales Conversion strategies for small business owners, and sales professionals He is widely recognised as being the “Sales Conversion Expert, specialising in helping small business owners and sales professionals to triple their sales conversion within 90days

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SeyiEyitayo has worked with many blue-chip companies such as British Gas, Universal Provident, British Telecom, Church Hill Insurance,Bupa Health Care, Virgin Energy and many more

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He is able to break down the complexity of selling into very easy practical steps which anyone can learn how to implement.

You’ll find that his approach is very DIFFERENT to what most sales experts or trainers are currently teaching

Seyihas helped countless business owners, and sales professionals to triple their sales conversion, and maximise their profit potential all within 90days

If you’re looking to increase your sales conversion and maximise our profit potential then SeyiMIGHT be able to help.

Go HERE to check out the currently available S.E.I Coaching International training and coaching programs, and to see if you qualify.

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